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The Traveling Diary

Back in 2020, Kyra Peralte wrote a diary entry in a notebook and mailed it to a stranger to help her memorialize and share a piece of her life story. This sparked an underground railroad of women sharing their stories all over the globe. Today, there are 47 diaries circulating in 30 countries…and we have a waitlist of 1,300. This August we will bring a piece of history and access to a creative vault of storytelling to the blockchain.


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559 Farm Train 

Led by billionaire entrepreneur Elaine Culotti, the 559 consists of 3 vertically integrated companies serving both B2B and B2C opportunities. Rooted in the future of rail, it supports small farmers, the farm-to table supply chain, urban renewal and the revitalization of underutilized rail depots, as well

as an immersive series of consumer-facing festivals. Live music

is core to the festival experience, celebrating sustainability,

innovation and community-building.

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Confidential Roadmap for 2023

The Web 3.0, Live Event and Film worlds are colliding. Partnering with a few production companies and platforms who are at the frontlines of content innovation and immersive experience.

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn