I am a five-time Emmy winning producer and multi-hyphenate creative. A storyteller, collaborator, motivator, innovator and team leader on promotional campaigns, live event production and programming for long form and short form content. My strengths are establishing strong cohesive creative processes with substantial and effective results. I am committed to cultivating a positive impact on all aspects of my endeavors from start to finish, both professionally and personally. 

    My skill set covers an extensive range in media content creation, storytelling and technical execution. As a previous editor, director, and VP, I am able to see a much broader overall picture than most people in the entertainment field. I understand how things work on a multi-platform level from a creative, production, technical and marketing perspective, while maintaining a sense of humor and strategic approach to executing anything on my plate.  I am looking to work on projects that will allow me to evolve my skill-sets even further, but also push humanity forward. 

    My product contributions and innovations encompass 360° storytelling in many media forms, live event production and broadcast innovation. I have been committed to producing top-quality material and building strong business relationships with keen insight to troubleshoot, communicate and execute all objectives to meet crucial deadlines. I have been a leader on projects with a diverse list of cable networks, streaming platforms, tech giants and creative agencies.

My Story

I am a sassy but lovable Puerto Rican and Italian Brooklyn native with dreams of changing the world through powerful storytelling in all media forms.

My 20 year career started in print advertising, but my passion for film led me into pursuing video editing and later evolved into producing and directing. My love for understanding the bigger picture of how to tell a powerful story continues to drive me. The creativity I have shown in television production led to another passion in technology and how it can expand the possibilities of creative execution.  I describe myself as an individual that continues to dive in and  evolve my skills in the trenches while carefully navigating how I lead in a purposeful and meaningful way.  I spent over 11 years of my career in live event sports broadcasting and doc-series. I had a unique opportunity to have one foot in the live production realm and another in content creation of series and promo campaigns. This exposure allowed me to see a technological revolution of two realms starting  to merge in ways many people cannot quite see yet. The IRL experience and the virtual viewer experience is something I continue to explore and refine with what I have learned from immersive technology.

At the Age of 41, I decided to go an independent route and not limit what I feel I can truly offer. The caveat to that is I want to make sure the projects I work on and the people I work with inspire each other and our audiences through an inclusive lens.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



Promax | Gold | Sports  Program/ Front Ends/Open/Titles


Sports Emmy | Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage


Sports Emmy | Outstanding Edited Sports Special Or Series Coverage


Clio Award | Events/Experiential Category |  Gold


Sports Emmy | Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage


Sports Emmy | Outstanding Sport Documentary Series


Sports Emmy | Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage


BDA | Gold